Exhibition Special | Pustar Appears at Uz Stroy Expo, Uzbekistan International Building Materials Exhibition

On March 3, 2023, the 24th Uzbekistan Tashkent Building Materials Exhibition Uz Stroy Expo (referred to as Uzbekistan Building Materials Exhibition) ended perfectly. It is reported that this exhibition has brought together more than 360 high-quality upstream and downstream construction companies. This international event integrating new products and new trends.

In the face of the wave of energy-saving and low-carbon transformation in the global construction industry, research and development innovation is particularly important. In the field of environmentally friendly construction adhesives, Pustar has independently developed and launched many application solutions with competitive advantages. At the Uzbekistan Building Materials Exhibition, Pustar comprehensively displayed a variety of indoor and outdoor special sealing adhesives from three aspects: product characteristics, main uses, and application cases.


1.Lejell 220 high modulus polyurethane construction sealant is a joint sealant used for construction joints with high requirements for puncture resistance and pressure resistance, such as bridge tunnels, drainage pipes and other waterproof constructions such as backwaters and other buildings.
2.Lejell 211 weather-resistant polyurethane building sealant not only has 25LM low modulus and strong displacement resistance, but also has excellent weather resistance and durability. The surface appears chalking and cracking after being exposed to the sun.
3.6138 neutral silicone construction adhesive has good adhesion to a variety of substrates, and is suitable for sealing various doors and windows. Because of its good weather resistance and UV resistance, it can also be used for sealing glass joints in sun rooms.

4.6351-Ⅱ is a two-component insulating glass sealant. After the product is cured, it forms a high and low temperature resistant, non-corrosive elastic body, which keeps the performance of the insulating glass stable for a long time.
The diversified product matrix was attracting attention and many overseas industry professionals came to the Puseda booth to discuss adhesive solutions and establish new business relationships.

For a long time, Pustar has always insisted on paying equal attention to customer maintenance and development, and based on the long-term perspective to meet customer needs. Therefore, Pustar has established stable customer service outlets and professional technical support teams in many countries and regions to respond in a timely manner Customer needs, understand industry trends.

In the future, Pustar will continue to accelerate the layout of overseas markets, the expansion of overseas marketing channels and the establishment of overseas service systems, and is committed to providing localized services for overseas customers, delivering high-quality products and innovative solutions to more countries around the world and region.

Post time: Jun-20-2023