Pustar strategically deploys silicones to create a strong “troika” of product matrix

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Since the establishment of the laboratory in 1999, Pustar has a history of more than 20 years of struggle in the field of adhesives. Adhering to the entrepreneurial concept of “one centimeter wide and one kilometer deep”, it focuses on R&D and production, and has experienced more than 20 years of development and development. Through accumulation, Pustar has become an adhesive manufacturer integrating R&D and manufacturing.

In 2020, under the background of economic downward pressure, the development of the adhesive industry is facing unprecedented challenges. What is the original intention? What is the mission? “How we are perceived by our customers” … After long thinking and in-depth discussions, we have made an important decision that can be recorded in the development history of Pustar: adjust the strategic layout and expand the business sector – Pustar will be based on “polyurethane sealant” The core is to gradually transition to the product matrix of the troika composed of “polyurethane sealant, silicone sealant, and modified sealant”. Among them, silicone will become the development focus of Pustar in the next three years.

Based on the development trend of the current adhesive industry, Pustar dared to become the world, with a higher level of polyurethane production technology, entered the ranks of silicone production with a strong attitude, and pursued a leap in the quality of silicone products with polyurethane technology. With the leading advantages of strong cost control ability and strong delivery ability, it has fully transformed into a platform-based enterprise with adhesive R&D and ODM manufacturing, and strives to be the first among the last.

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Advantage 1: Annual production capacity of 200,000 tons
The Huizhou production base, which will be completed at the end of September 2020, has an annual planned production capacity of 200,000 tons. It will fully introduce fully automated production equipment independently developed by Pustar. The monthly production capacity of a single production line will break through the historical peak of the Dongguan production base, effectively ensuring product integrity. timeliness of delivery. The standardized quality planning and process control process certified by IATF16949 can ensure the quality stability of the products out of the kettle, reduce the material loss caused by the process and equipment failure in the production process, improve the qualification rate of the products out of the kettle, and reduce production costs. It is worth mentioning that Pustar’s automatic production line equipment is independently developed, and the technology is controllable and adjustable. The additional flexible production line enables different batches of orders to be flexibly put into production, fully meeting the order needs of customers of different sizes.

Advantage 2: Professional R&D team of 100+ people
In Pustar R&D Center, the team led by several doctors and masters totals more than 100 people, accounting for 30% of Pustars personnel structure, among which workers with graduate degrees or above account for more than 35%, and the average age of the staff is less than 30 years old.

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The strong and potential research and development force enables Pustar to quickly and efficiently respond to customers’ product needs, quickly design product formulas and put them into tests according to customers’ key application characteristics, with the help of high-end tests such as Metrohm, Agilent, and Shimadzu Equipment, Pustar can complete the research and development and trial production of a new product within a week at the fastest.

Different from many popular manufacturers, Pustar’ advocates a two-way balance between performance and value, takes the performance that suits the application as the guideline for product formulation design, and opposes the performance chasing competition that exceeds the application requirements. Therefore, for products with the same performance, Pustar’s ability to control costs exceeds that of most companies, and it can complete the delivery of the whole product at a lower price.

Advantage 3: Putting polyurethane technology and equipment into the production of silicone products is the source of confidence for Pustar to enter the silicone industry.
Compared with the ordinary silicone rubber production process, the polyurethane process has higher requirements on the precision of the formula, and the moisture control ability can reach 300-400ppm (traditional silicone equipment process is 3000-4000ppm). The moisture content of the silicone is extremely low, so that the silicone product has almost no thickening phenomenon during the production process, and the shelf life and quality of the product are far longer than ordinary silicone products (up to 12 to 36 months depending on the product category). At the same time, polyurethane equipment has a higher sealing performance, which can almost eliminate adverse phenomena such as gel caused by air leakage in pipelines and equipment. The equipment can run stably for a long time, and the product quality is better and more stable.

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Pustar hired several equipment engineers to build and maintain production equipment, because the production process of polyurethane adhesives is more difficult to control than silicone. “We build polyurethane-standard machines and equipment by ourselves, which can ensure the high quality of silicone products. It is this that allows us to quickly occupy an important position in the polyurethane field.” said Manager Liao, the chief engineer of the project, who is an equipment engineer and process control specialists. For example, the equipment developed by Pustar in 2015 can still produce hundreds of tons of high-quality silicone glue in one day. This kind of machine can perfectly meet the requirements of silicone production.

At present, the silicone products planned by Pustar will focus on curtain walls, insulating glass and circulation-type civil products in the construction field. Among them, curtain wall glue is mainly used in commercial real estate; hollow glass glue can be used in both commercial real estate and civil real estate in high-end decoration, door and window glue, mildew proof, waterproof, etc.; civil glue is mainly used in the field of home interior decoration.

“We regard this adjustment as a journey of exploration. We look forward to discovering infinite possibilities and gaining more surprises during the journey, facing gains and losses calmly, seizing every opportunity, and cherishing every crisis.” General Manager Mr. Ren Shaozhi said, The future of the adhesive industry is a continuous and long-term integration process, and the domestic silicone industry is also undergoing continuous supply-side optimization. Taking this opportunity, Pustar will deepen its research and development and manufacturing, and will have unlimited possibilities in the future.

Pustar complies with the trend of domestic economic recovery, seizes the opportunity of large-scale infrastructure investment under the “two new and one heavy” policy, explores in the crisis, unswervingly makes strategic changes, bravely and resolutely enters the ranks of organic silicon, and is determined to promote the steady development of the adhesive industry and respond to the strong demand that the silicone market is recovering.

For more than 20 years, Pustar has continued to promote innovation in the field of adhesives. With the combination of R&D and manufacturing advantages and deep cooperation with customers, Pustar’s flexible and innovative products and solutions have passed the actual combat test of countless customers, and have been used in construction, transportation It has been successfully verified in applications in many fields such as , track, and industry. With the continuous deepening of product strategy transformation, Pustar will provide comprehensive adhesive R&D and production services based on a strong R&D and manufacturing platform, join hands with the industrial ecology, empower mid-tier brand owners and traders, and innovate and develop technologies Benefit enterprises and society.

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In the future, what Pustar wants to establish with customers is not just a transactional relationship, but a win-win and mutually beneficial relationship in the pursuit of business strategy and development strategy. We are more willing to discover and innovate together with our customers, to face market changes together, to work together, to forge a rock-solid partnership.

Post time: Jun-20-2023